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Trivision Eye Hospital is a
Futuristic Eye Hospital.

Trivision Eye Hospital is a Modernised Eye Hospital founded by three eminent Ophthalmologists, each of them bringing in 2 decades of Ophthalmic experience into this technologically advanced Eye centre situated in the heart of Linking Road , Bandra

Trivision Eye Hospital offers comprehensive Eye speciality services extending from Cornea to Retina.The centre takes pride in standing by its motto of “Redefining Accurate Vision ” which is reflected in a practical, transparent & methodical way in which we treat our patients

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Our Specialist Eye Surgeons each having over 2 decades of Surgical skill & experience behind them


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ONLINE WITH TRIVISION EYE HOSPITAL. Here are 7 online tests to help you quickly and easily assess your vision





1. You can improve your vision with eye exercises
2. Sun gazing or looking directly at the sun can improve your health & well being
3.If you cross your eyes , they will stay that way
4. People whi are colour blind see in black & white
5. Sitting very close to the TV can damage your eyes
7. Eating carrots will improve your vision
8. Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses will make you dependent on them
9. A Cataract must be ripe before it is operated
10. A whole eye can be transplanted


1. You should wear the right spectacle correction regularly as advised by your eye specialist to avoid eyestrain and headaches

2. One yearly eye check up is recommended after 40 years of age as diseases like glaucoma and cataract are common after this age.
This is especially important if you are a diabetic or hypertensive.
Also Yearly eye check up is mandatory for children having refractive error glasses.
Also rule out a spectacle number/ glaucoma if you are suffering from chronic headaches

3. Keep your eyes healthy by having green leafy vegetables in your diet as they are rich in vitamin A Similarly green and yellow fruits,green salads,carrots,fish are good source of vitamin A

4. Watch TV in moderation as long hours of watching TV can cause eyestrain/headache
Also sit at least 8-10 feet away from the TV; Don’t lie down and watch TV.

5. Keep your eyes moist by splashing water regularly specifically in dry and hot climates. Also wash gently; do not splash water with force into your eyes.
Also don’t rub your eyes frequently as this can cause eye infection.

6. While reading, keep book atleast 14-16 inches away from the eye.
Avoid reading and writing in moving vehicles
Avoid lying down and reading
Also make sure that lighting is adequate while reading/ writing

7. Care While Wearing Contact Lenses,
Wear it hygienically — Wash your hands before wearing and removing them.
– Don’t wear it for prolonged periods or overnight as this can be harmful to the eyes.
Give rest to your eyes intermittently . After 4-6 hours remove your lenses and allow your eyes to breathe.
Change the solution in the lens case everyday.
– Remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye specialist if you experience redness, irritation or pain with your lenses
Continuing lenses with a red eye can damage your eyes permanently.

8. Eye exercises — help by improving eye co-ordination and strengthening eye muscles . Eye exercises also strengthen the convergence power of the eye
a) close your eyes and massage them behind your closed eyelid with your palms once clockwise and once anticlockwise
b) Rotate eyeballs to relax muscles i.e make vertical and horizontal movement of the eyes to the maximum extreme right corner and then left corner & also up and down.
Also move your eyes slowly in a circular motion. Repeat 5 to 10 times.
c) Hold a pencil/Thumb at arm’s length and slowly bring it towards your nose, keeping eyes focussed at it at all times. This helps prevent blurring of vision
d) Another good exercise is to look far and then at a point close to your eyes. Repeat this rapidly a few times.This improves eye flexibility
c) Relax your eyes with warm compresses / cold compresses alternatively.
Important point to understand is eye exercises are not meant to lower your spectacle number which is a common misconception.
It is also not meant to cure diseases like cataract or glaucoma or any organic disability in the eye.


a) Avoid self medication i.e don’t use eye drops without consulting your doctor when you have conjunctivitis/ red eye. Steroid eye drops can give instant relief but can worsen your eye disease.
When you have conjunctivitis; clean your eyes regularly with warm water compresses

b) Use eye drops for entire period of the disease as recommended by your eye specialist

c) Take an off from work for a few days to avoid infecting others. Wear sunglasses/ glares to avoid photophobia

d) Family members of patient with conjunctivitis should avoid touching theirs eyes without washing their hands.


Wear glares /sunglasses with UV absorbing capacity when out in the sun.
This protects you from the ultraviolet A radiation of the sun which can cause early cataract or retinal damage. Avoid wearing sunglasses without UV absorbing capacity as this does not protect the eye at all.

It’s a misconception that darker the shade, better is UV absorbing capacity. Even lighter shades can have good UV absorbing capacity so long as they are brought from reputed brands and not from roadside vendors.


Avoid direct flow or blast of air from AC or fan onto your eyes especially if you are suffering from dry eye/burning eyes syndrome.

Also avoid low humidity or fumes as all these conditions aggravate the dry eyes.
Use lubricating eye drops in case burning is severe.
Lubricating eye drops are also recommended if you have severe eyestrain when working for long hours on the computer.