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Corneal Topography


It is a non invasive imaging that creates a 3D map of surface curvature & power of the cornea

Topographer projects a series of illuminated rings referred as a Placido disc onto the surface of the cornea which are reflected back into the instrument , analysed & a computerised topographical map generated

  • Refractive Surgery - To screen patients for normal corneal shapes & patterns prior to Lasik •For post operative assessment of decentred ablations & post excimer Ectasia - To perform Customised Lasik ablations
  • Keratoconus - To detect conical corneas for early cross linking treatment & post op for monitoring progressio
  • To study post Cataract & post Corneal Transplant Astigmatism
  • Surgical planning for topography guided Lasik & Topo guided incision placement for cataract surgery
  • Contact Lens fitting& Intrastromal ring placement in keratoconus
  • For studying corneal deformities & disorders like Pterygium & localised corneal scars